Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Store Fresh Ginger

How often do you steer away from a recipe because it has ingredients that you don’t use often?
Maybe you think something like,
·         What do I need?
·         Where can I find it?
·         What is it supposed to look like?
·         I only need a little bit, so what do I do with the rest?
·         What else can I use this in?

 Now, let’s talk about an ingredient you might not use in all your dishes. Ginger or Gingerroot is great in so many things and can be stored in the freezer until you need it again. There are so many ways you can use this ingredient that you might not have even thought of. It also has so many medicinal properties; ginger was my best friend during my pregnancies.
 But, first let’s start at the store.
 Ginger comes in many sizes and is sold by the pound. Determine how much you are going to need for a recipe and go from there; you can break a piece from a larger root if you don’t think you need that much.
You do it with bananas all the time, so don’t feel bad.

Fresh ginger root

When you get home if you are going to use it right away (within a day or so) you can leave it out. If you don’t need to use it right away cut into smaller pieces, wrap it in foil, place in a small storage bag and place in the freezer.

Cut into smaller pieces

wrap in foil

Place in food storage bag and place in freezer.

When you are ready for the ginger in your recipe, simply take a piece from the freezer and let it come to room temperature. Then peel it using the back of a spoon to remove the outer skin. The ginger is now ready to use in any recipe you need.
 I love to grate some in to my stir-fry dishes or steep some in hot water with lemon for tea when I don’t feel well. There are so many uses for fresh ginger; I hope this helps you take a chance on an unknown ingredient when shopping and/or attempting a new dish. Be blessed.

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