Monday, March 12, 2012

Crafting Tuesday-Granny Square Blanket

I have a new hobby, I started around Christmas time. Crocheting, I am completely obsessed. My husband at first asked if I was officially an old woman, cause only old women crochet. After I gave him the silent treatment for like 2 hours, I explained that I am still and will be the young woman he married, and that plenty of young women crochet now a days. I went crochet crazy, I started off with hats. I made hats for everyone, me, my kids and many others for Christmas.

Materials needed crochet hook size I, scissors and tapestry needle.  Along with  yarn of your choosing.

I learned initially when I was younger, but I lost touch with the skill over the years. I am happy I did, it is a relaxing hobby that I can do anywhere. I am still no expert and haven't gotten to the point where I can crochet without watching, but I am getting there. I don't know that many stitches to create my own pattern, but there are plenty of great ones online to follow. Allow with video tutorials on YouTube if you need a visual.

My newest project is a blanket I am working on for my little princess, a granny square blanket. I have been working on it for about a month and I think it is coming along nicely. The pattern I found is really simple and easy to follow. If you want to start and follow along here is the link to 21st Century Girl Granny Square Blanket . So what kind of crafts are you working on? Be blessed and enjoy.

Work so far.

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